October 2014

WATCH: How to open a Velcro without anyone hearing it

George de Mestral, a Swiss amateur mountaineer and inventor, had an idea of inventing Velcro while he was walking his dog in 1948. Upon arriving home, Mestral grabbed a microscope and saw small hooks of seed-bearing [...]

John Lloyd Cruz’s biological father used to be a mayor?

John Lloyd Cruz can often be seen visiting Virac, Catanduanes, according to a showbiz website. What is surprising is that he flies there incognito – wearing glasses, a hat and others just to avoid being noticed. [...]

DJ Mo’s new subject of ridicule: Mariah Carey

Photo credit: PEP.ph Mo Twister is once again involved in an issue regarding his insinuations on Twitter. This time, his subject of ridicule is Mariah Carey, who was recently in the country. Mo said that the [...]

Watch: 232 teeth found in a boy’s mouth

In India, a 17 year old boy named  Ashik Gavai was suffering from having a lot of teeth. This condition is called complex Odontoma. Ashik Gavai has 232 teeth in his mouth. He was admitted JJ [...]

This TV commercial is hair raising! Watch…

Shampoo TV advertisements always have models with best faces, best hair, or both. This is for the reason that commercial models should be as worthy as possible, and must bear and represent the product they are [...]

Meet Jen Selter; Instagram’s most popular butt (video)

Meet Jen Selter,a 20-year old New Yorker. Jen Selter is an ordinary woman who never thought that her posts on Instagram will be sensational because of her sexy butt. Jen Selter’s post on Instagram became sensational [...]

Kim Chiu is “Mulan” (photos)

Walt Disney Southeast Asia has confirmed that Pinay actress Kim Chiu will be a part of its next project. This is after the pictorial of Chiu wearing a warrior outfit circulated on the internet. Chiu is [...]

Derek Ramsay’s message for Angelica Panganiban, Re: concubinage case

Actor Derek Ramsay has asked for an apology to his celebrity ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, now that her name has been dragged to his legal battle against ex-wife Mary Christine Jolly. According to the 37-year-old actor, he [...]

What will happen to Pacquiao’s game in PBA?

The Filipino world eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao will not let himself shameful in joining as the playing coach of KIA Sorento. According to PBA Commissioner Chito Salud, Pacman is smart enough that he will not let [...]

Watch: Kangaroos gracefully box on street

This video has gone viral. It only happens in Australia. Kangaroos go wild, fighting on the street. Amazingly, these two kangaroos balance their body using their tail to kick using both legs and box gracefully. You [...]