About Us

News Center or as we say Newscenter.ph is a  Philippine news portal that caters daily information about politics, sports, health and lifestyle, social media trends, entertainment, and technology.

It doesn’t even focus on what’s happening or what’s on trend in the Philippines and it also strives to cross over the Philippines to give fresh news from all across the globe. Newscenter ph also publishes daily fresh news and with the variety of sources to spread out the information to those who are an avid news reader.

Newscenter started only as a part-time profession. Though the creator hasn’t taken a degree in journalism, still it thrives to deliver fresh harvest news from different sources to make it more informative since information already has a chain of passing over from the main source to another.

What encourages the creator to create this news portal is the opportunity of sharing information despite a hectic schedule in teaching, there’s still a drive of motivation to inform news readers to broaden their point of views in the society.

About the Admin

RyanDell is the admin of this news portal so as the creator. He is the one who developed this portal. Apart from those, he is also a skilled IT teacher who fully exerts effort to convey information. As a busy man, he still finds a way to discover new things and he is compassionate in sharing information and that what drives him to his enduring desire of being a hobbyist in news blogging that later turned to be a news portal that presently and actively exist.