Philippine Schools that produced highest paid workers

The infographic was primarily based on the averages of self-reported salaries of users of Philippines, which is the country’s prime online jobs portal. Ranking of the users’ school was restricted to 15 colleges with essentially [...]

3 Effective Tips How to Build Your Career Online and Start Earning Money

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Kuya Omurice selling rice omelette goes viral

A 23-year previous Japanese man has captured the eye of social media users on Facebook and Twitter after pictures of him selling rice omelette or omurice in Japanese, goes viral. Often known as Kuya Omurice on [...]

Pinay survives horrific accident that split her car in half

It was an in depth name for a Filipina who met a horrific accident a week ago. Footage of 25-year-old Filipina Apol Lansang surviving a crash that split her car in half has gone viral, with [...]

Bizarre Couple Wedding Photos

Being a wedding photographer offers you so many advantages that you wouldn’t think about. They are saying that it is without doubt one of the most romantic jobs that life may provide. You see, in case [...]

Senyorita Monyecah Gomez and handsome boyfriend trends online

Most individuals these days are so fast in judging others. Those that don’t match society’s standard of magnificence are handled as in the event that they don’t deserve good issues of their life. A post uploaded [...]

Lucy LuvElla family photos goes viral

Lots of people decide others based mostly on physical look – and people have this ‘customary’ of beauty and have unwritten ‘guidelines’ about what it’s best to do, who ought to be or shouldn’t be collectively [...]

Filipina teacher Kheny goes viral for her beauty

Have you ever ever observed how teachers who look attractive really encourage more students to study arduous? Properly, we don’t actually wish to make this sound like we worth seems over brains extra – however we’re [...]

Tutorial Video: How To Test If Honey Is Pure

Aside from its sweet and delightful taste, honey can bring countless benefits to our health. From its amazing power of regulating blood sugar to its antibacterial properties, honey is loved by all. As it is also [...]

President Rodrigo Duterte Most Googled Person in Philippines

According to Time magazine, President Rodrigo Duterte was the Philippines’ “Most Googled Person in Each Country in 2016,”. The publication mentioned that Duterte is known for “waging a dangerous war on drugs.” Based on data presented [...]